The NS&RC is a globally unique capability

National Security and Resilience combines national security needs with an in depth understanding of the design and implementation of resilience solutions for Government agencies, major events, cities, critical infrastructure, space innovation and commercial enterprise. Our capability platforms provide expertise, proven credibility, and bespoke solutions to your resilience and business challenges.

The NS&RC is a powerful collective capability

The NS&RC is a group of UK Centric companies who work collaboratively and cooperatively to provide unique world class security and resilience solutions in the face of increasing natural and man made risks and threats to Governments, commercial organisations , major events, transportation systems and critical national infrastructure.

NS&RC members commit to a common charter based around cultural respect, honesty, trust, integrity, loyalty and the delivery of outstanding service to each other, clients and their associates.

As UK industry and commerce begins the challenging post pandemic journey towards recovery, the National Security and Resilience Consortium is working collaboratively with its elite members to gain commercial advantage during the weeks and months ahead.

To understand whether your business would be eligible for NS&RC membership please contact John Baker in strictest confidence on to better understand the criteria.